Audio Guiding related issues

Does Okayo provide audio production service?
Okayo doesn't source or offer audio production for audioguide products. It's the major service our dealers and distributors will do.
In some cases, Okayo even uploads those bespoke audio tracks to audioguides prior to shipping - with the request by our customers.

I get the serial key of Audio Master missed? What can I do?
Each audio uploader, for example, ATC-110U, ATC-210U, and OMG-25C, etc. will include a disc which is an audio compiler called Audio Master. If you still keep the software at hand but miss the serial key somehow, you shall provide the serial number of the uploader for Okayo and ask for a new key for the software.

I have an Okayo Audio Master software which can't work with Windows 8 and Windows 10, it used to work with Windows 7 and Windows XP.
Right. To provide a long term solution to all our customers and users, Okayo made itself a great effort to develop Audio Master 3 (AM 3) which is compatible with AT-100, AT-200, AT-300 and OMG systems on Windows OS. From now on, no worry about the change from Windows OS. AM 3 can always be working.

If you have an old version of Audio Master, please ask for a new one (AM 3) simply sending us the S/N of the device (uploader). Or you can contact the dealer or distributor whom you purchased the device from, and get a free up-to-date AM 3 software.

Can Okayo Audio Master work with Macintosh?
Unfortunately Not.

Okayo Audio Master can only work with Windows OS.

In some cases, the museum shall provide videos for the exhibition. Does Okayo Audioguides perform video sync?
Yes, the AT-300 and AT-500 systems are featured with video sync.

Well, you still need to have supportive device, LT-200+, and Okayo's film converter software, SWG, to make it happen. Only basic installation and simple work on PC needed.

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