PA related issues

Generally there are 3 different types of rechargeable battery - Lead-Acid, Ni-MH and Lithium, employed in Okayo's PA systems. Different batteries need different ways to extend battery life and avoid potential risks. We would like to propose following general rules to you to manage your batteries and PA units.

* Lead-Acid rechargeable battery, is a kind of very robust battery which can be stayed charged for a long period of time without potential safety issue or possible damage to the PA unit or battery itself. Overcharging isn't likely an issue to such kind of battery. However, self-discharging is always a weak point to Lead-Acid battery due to its nature, user shall regularly charge Lead-Acid battery when it's not in use for more than 1+ month. Also, recharge it right after use every time to keep Lead-Acid battery at a higher level against power drained due to self-discharging.

* Ni-MH rechargeable battery, has a higher level to power drained caused by self-discharging. When it's fully charged before putting into storage room, it has longer idle time to next charge, usually 2-3 months.Still, users shall regularly recharge it to keep battery alive and stay high performance.

* Lithium battery pack, is not suggested to be remained on charge when it's fully charged. In some worst cases, it may lead to safety issue no matter how higher level of battery protection has been made and designed. In general condition, a fully charged Lithium battery can be put into storage for 2-3 months until next charge without damaging to battery life and battery performance.
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