Wireless Guiding related issues

How many receivers can get connected with the transmitter?
The answer is unlimited.

A much more precise description will go like this: as long as receivers are working within the wireless coverage of the transmitter, there is no limit to the numbers of receiver.

Can different Tour Guiding Systems work together?
Usually the answer is NO.

Different Tour Guiding Systems usually employ different frequency band, channel grid, channel list, modulation and so on. Most of the time, even some systems are in the same frequency band, they can't be working together.

To learn more on this, you can consult with our local dealers or product specialists.

How do I choose the right Guiding System among so many different models that Okayo make?
Well, this is a good question, and it's not a Yes or No question.

First, understand what this Guiding System to be used for? What's your major purpose and application? Pick up all the qualified ones in your basket.

Second, understand how many groups, what is the range the tour will be operated, how long the tour will last for? You can cross out some options now.

Third, make a budget line to sort out all the options in your basket.

If you still have a hard time to make up your mind, you are very welcome to send us an email or make a phone call. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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