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HSM-7 Wireless ENG System


Wireless Audio System for ENG, EFP and DSLR

The HSM-7 ENG & EFP system is configured to include the HSM-7R camera-mountable receiver, durable mini-XLR plug-in HSM-7XT bodypack transmitter and optional EJ-501TM handheld microphone as a pack, allowing for ENG & EFP use on the reporter in studio or in the field, or film production use.

For the ultimate in versatility and performance, the HSM-7 would just be a must-have for any ENG & EFP audio solution when flexibility and portability are required.

HSM-7 contains:
1 x HSM-7R receiver
1 x HSM-7XT bodypack transmitter
1 x HB-7 carry bag
1 x LM-90C lapel mic (mini‐XLR)
1 x SM-10 hot shoe mounting adapter
1 x audio transmission cable
4 x AA batteries (optional)
1 x EJ-501TM handheld microphone (optional)
Specification :

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  • Specification
  • Transmitters
  • Chargers
  • Accessories
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  • Sturdy aluminum housing (transmitter and receiver)
  • Rugged and durable buckle clip design for fixing the transmitter well on the belt
  • LCD with backlight for clear display of battery status and channel number under dimly light conditions
  • Durable and tough hand bag for bringing this system
  • Battery fuel-level indicators on transmitter and receiver
  • Compact receiver is easy to mount on a camcorder
Oscillation type
PLL Synthesized Control (OSC)
Carrier frequency range
Switching bandwidth
Max. 24MHz
Tone key and noise-lock dual squelch
RF output
10mW (according to regulation)
Pre-programmed 16/96 switchable channels
Max. deviation
80 kHz, with level limiting
Dynamic range
> 110 dB
< 0.5 %
Built-in condenser microphone
External flexible antenna
Battery type
1.5V x 2 AA-type Alkaline battery
Dimension (DxWxH)
26 x 64 x 98 mm
170g (with batteries)

Behind-the-head microphone

Behind-the-head microphone

Behind-the-head microphone

Behind-the-head microphone

Lapel Microphone

4 unit Hand Bag


1600mA Ni-MH Rechargeable

Alkaline Battery


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