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Guiding Earworn Speaker

Due to global environmental awareness rising, people reduce single-use product and support recycle devices. Okayo’s first earworn receiver EarME not only fulfill environmental protection but also take care of hands-free tour experience. Ergonomic structure offers comfortably and steadily wearing on an ear which can listen to the introduction clearly and notice the surrounding condition at the same time. Moreover, non-in-ear design let users sanitize EarME easily. Memorizing last settings and fast auto-pairing creates a group within seconds. With 10 hours of operating time, it’s suitable for short day city tour, tourism factory, winery, museum... Wear EarMe and enjoy the weightless tour you ever had!


2-way Guiding System

EZtour is a two-way guiding system by which tours quickly start/end with one press and no training is required. Clear message conveying among the guide and his guests is ensured even in a noisy environment. Even, it will never be bothered if any guest arrives late as he or she can be invited in the group easily and quickly by EZtour. Featuring okayo's proprietary audio encryption, group conversation is secured without being disturbed. With talk-back function activated, positive interaction among guests will be encouraged which leads your tour be more unique and unforgettable. Having an assistant guide in a group is possible for dual-speaker purpose, if necessary. ~100 m operating range makes group sizes be more flexible for various tour itineraries, e.g. street/campus/museum guided tours, factory tours, field trips, commercial workshops or training courses. Specifically, extraordinary VIP tours, such as theater/winery/theme/countryside tours, are highly recommended. Let EZtour impress your valuable guests!


2-way Dialogue System

Okayo's ELITE is a standalone intercom system by which distinct and confidential communication among 6 team members exists no obstacles. Featuring clear display and intuitive (programmable) talk button, it is quick to set up and easy to use. Thanks to AES128 encryption, conversation among team members is secured. In addition, each ELITE team can be bounded all the time and won't be disturbed any more. Power-On and Go ease daily startup without confusion. Proprietary “ATTENTION” allows the team leader/director to draw members’ attention by muting their microphones and announce any important message at any time. Moreover, side tone is adjustable upon demand and onsite environments. Combining with lightweight, inherence rugged design and sturdy belt-clip, ELITE becomes a truly helpful tool specifically in various industrial sites. Even, with the capability of 15-hour battery life and up to 200-meter range, it is applicable for a variety of markets, including coaching, corporate training, logistics, manufacturing, internship, security, theater rehearsal and so on. Transportation case is also available on request which comes with 1 proprietary charging station C6 and 6 ELITE.


Speech Transfer System

The WIS 2 speech transfer system is designed for wireless two-way communication at occasions where the barrier exists between 2 talkers. Simply unpack and each system will be linked automatically when plugged. Installing multiple systems in same place is easy and quick. Proprietary audio encryption per system ensures conversation stability. Equipped with uni-directional condenser microphone and 16" flexible slim-line gooseneck. WIS 2 captures intelligible voice and offers the capability of full-range positioning. Inbuilt 3W powerful speaker leads to conversation clarity even under noisy and demanding conditions. Featuring Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR), hearing and speaking experiences are enhanced among talkers. In addition to Plug-and-Talk design, intuitive backlit talk button and adjustable volume knob are easy to use without confusion. Supplied with windscreens, plosives could be avoided during conversation. Thanks to nonslip padding and security configuration (additional security device required) underneath, WIS 2 will be rigidly placed on tables. 3.5 mm record output is available and useful when conversation recording is needed. Tailored for banks, super markets, bus/train stations, airports, homecare organisations, custom offices or travel centers.


Lightweight Communication System

WaveTalk is Okayo’s lightest and smallest tour guide system. The users can have weightless and comfortable experience during tours. Over 30 hours of operation time is suitable for all kinds of gathering occasions, no matter small or large group. With easy settings, the users just need to turn on and go!


Wireless Audio Router System

Easy onsite setup without cabling and complicated installation. Importantly there is no compromise for audio quality at all! First of all, simply connect the receiver with your active speaker via a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable (aux). Then, connect the stationary transmitter with your mixer through compatible cable. Finally, tune same channel on both devices. That’s it! Simple and quick!

* AR PA 9H, Handheld set, incl receiver x 1, handheld microphone x 1
* AR PA 9T, Lapel set, incl receiver x 1, bodypack transmitter x 1, lapel mic x 1
* AR PA 9D, Long-range set, incl receiver x 1, stationary transmitter x 1