OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a Taiwan-based manufacturer, was established in 1996 by a group of engineers who possessed extreme passion for wireless communication. We attempt to build reliable, durable and affordable products that help people live in a comfortable way based on different wireless technologies and solutions – Infrared, VHF, UHF, 2.4 GHz, Digital UHF and more. We also recognize that people around the world won’t have the same tastes so we work closely with global customers to build localized products that are dedicated for, of the country. With continuous efforts on marketing exploration, technology research, and quality improvement, Okayo makes itself a leading provider for Wireless Tour Guide Systems, Audio Guide Systems, Wireless Portable Sound System and Wireless Microphone Systems.

New Product

OMG-100 VS

Multi-functional Audio Guide

OmniGuide (VS) is now released for your option! Two key features, video sync and data collection, are embedded which improve your onsite management. To have our most convenient uploader OMG-25U+VS, it will be easier for you to collect all data once. Working with its proprietary software Audio Master 3 (VS) and Data Master 2, the whole system is a perfect tool for applications, such as museums, heritage sites and so on.


Wireless Audio Router System

Easy onsite setup without cabling and complicated installation. Importantly there is no compromise for audio quality at all! First of all, simply connect the receiver with your active speaker via a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable (aux). Then, connect the stationary transmitter with your mixer through compatible cable. Finally, tune same channel on both devices. That’s it! Simple and quick!

* AR PA 9H, Handheld set, incl receiver x 1, handheld microphone x 1
* AR PA 9T, Lapel set, incl receiver x 1, bodypack transmitter x 1, lapel mic x 1
* AR PA 9D, Long-range set, incl receiver x 1, stationary transmitter x 1


Wireless Audio System for Smartphone

DragonFLY is a compact wireless microphone with interference-free, designed for dependable and trouble-free performance. DragonFLY will be the best partner for Live broadcasters, YouTubers, vloggers, and interviewers!


Full-duplex Intercom System

Safe and comfortable communication made easy! promises a hassle-free way to help members stay together in a managed way while they can still hear and be heard to each other. No matter you are in meetings, lecturing, training courses, factory tours or group discussions, you will never be lost. Featuring max. 6 simultaneous talks improve interaction among group members / staff. Advanced digital secured algorithm contributes to high confidentiality for all occasions. Clear sound transmission draws all members' attention without disturbance.