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Digital Wireless Microphone System for ENG, EFP, DSLR and Smartphone Video


Wireless Mic for ENG, EFP and DSLR

- Supports two speakers in one receiver.
- 360° dual-antenna secures best signal reception.
- Sound quality adjustable.
- Advanced digital encryption prevents eavesdropping.
- Scan function to find clean frequency.
- Backlit display for easy viewing.
- Rechargeable design (via USB) with 2 pcs of AA Ni-MH batteries.
- Able to connect with power bank to prolong using time.
- Shoe adapter for camera mount.
- Robust exterior with elegance design.
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  • Sturdy aluminum housing (transmitter and receiver)
  • Rugged and durable buckle clip design for fixing the transmitter well on the belt
  • LCD with backlight for clear display of battery status and channel number under dimly light conditions
  • Durable and tough hand bag for bringing this system
  • Battery fuel-level indicators on transmitter and receiver
  • Compact receiver is easy to mount on a camcorder
Carrier frequency range
794 ~ 928 MHz (country dependent)
Power requirements
2 x AA (NiMH or Alkaline) battery
Sampling rate
Q @ 24 kHz
HQ @ 48 kHz
4 ms
Frequency response
70 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Number of channels
7 ~ 50 (country dependent)
Wireless coverage
~ 70 meters (line of sight)
Battery life (Alkaline)
CAM-9R: > 8 hours typical
CAM-9T/9H: >16 hours typical
Dimension (DxWxH)
CAM-9R/9T: 85x64x29 mm (w/o antenna and clip)
CAM-9H: 49x258 mm
CAM-9R: 122 g (with shoe adapter)
CAM-9T: 115 g
CAM-9H: 270 g

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