OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a Taiwan-based manufacturer, was established in 1996 by a group of engineers who possessed extreme passion for wireless communication. We attempt to build reliable, durable and affordable products that help people live in a comfortable way based on different wireless technologies and solutions – Infrared, VHF, UHF, 2.4 GHz, Digital UHF and more. We also recognize that people around the world won’t have the same tastes so we work closely with global customers to build localized products that are dedicated for, of the country. With continuous efforts on marketing exploration, technology research, and quality improvement, Okayo makes itself a leading provider for Wireless Tour Guide Systems, Audio Guide Systems, Wireless Portable Sound System and Wireless Microphone Systems.

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OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. carries a wide variety of Full-Duplex Communication System for you. You can find almost all kinds of Full-Duplex Communication System at a reasonable price here. We look forward to serving you in all of your needs. OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has earned a reputation for the highest quality offering in the Full-Duplex Communication System market. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction acts as our vision for the future. If you are looking for Full-Duplex Communication System, please do not hesitate to inform us.
Digital Full-Duplex Communication WaveTEAMS


Full-Duplex Communication System

Okayo’s hands-free and full-duplex communication system is now released! Equipped with encoded audio, your conversation is securely heard among team participants.
Operating range up to 100 meters leads to high efficiency of communication, particularly for training/coaching, referee/sports, retail stores, restaurants, clinics, service sector, and industrial sites. The hands-free conversation will not put users' hand in chain. And, the long lasting lithium battery will give up to 15-hour continuous operating time, can handle almost all cases that team conversation is required for all day!
Configuration :

Features :

  • 3~6 full-duplex conversation at a time (region dependent)

  • Tap-proof as of encoded audio

  • Choice of open or closed conversation

  • Large operating range up to 100 meters

  • No base station needed

  • Crystal clear speech intelligibility

  • Master Priority to better host team communication

  • Easy reading OLED screen and large Talk button

  • Easy set-up and easy to use

  • Hands-free and light weight

  • Variety of accessories offered

  • Docking station 6 available for quick charging

Specifications :

Radio frequency
500 ~ 900 MHz (region dependent)
No. of talker
3 ~ 6 full-duplex per channel (region dependent)
No. of channel
20 ~ 50 (region dependent)
Secured audio
Power requirements
Lithium battery
Charging time
3 ~ 4 hours
Operation range
~ 100 m (line-of-sight)
Battery life
15 h, typical
Dimensions (W x D x H)
43 x 28 x 105 mm (incl. antenna and belt clip)
65 g (incl. battery)

Chargers :

Accessories :

Armpouch with elastic belt

Headphone Mic

Single-sided Ear Mic

Single-sided Ear Mic

Single-sided Ear Mic

Headphone Mic

Headphone Mic


Ear Cushion for EMC-206

Disposable Ear Cover for

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Over the years, we’ve grown, developed and extended our offering to provide the very best in Full-Duplex Communication System. OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. continues to win the satisfaction of customers around the world. Due to our better understanding of the client's requirements, we are able to manufacture a range that is just as per the specifications laid down by our clients. Having a question about OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. or want to know more details about Full-Duplex Communication System? Email or call our Sales Support Team about your questions before purchasing.