OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., a Taiwan-based manufacturer, was established in 1996 by a group of engineers who possessed extreme passion for wireless communication. We attempt to build reliable, durable and affordable products that help people live in a comfortable way based on different wireless technologies and solutions – Infrared, VHF, UHF, 2.4 GHz, Digital UHF and more. We also recognize that people around the world won’t have the same tastes so we work closely with global customers to build localized products that are dedicated for, of the country. With continuous efforts on marketing exploration, technology research, and quality improvement, Okayo makes itself a leading provider for Wireless Tour Guide Systems, Audio Guide Systems, Wireless Portable Sound System and Wireless Microphone Systems.

2 slot Drop-in Charger, HDC-502

OKAYO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Chargers to benefit the consumers. We can manufacture 2 slot Drop-in Charger, Dual-slot drop-in charger that meet specific requirements. Our first responsibility is to completely satisfy the needs of the people and organizations that use and distribute our products while providing the best value solutions for their 2 slot Drop-in Charger requirements. Customer service is another commitment we take seriously, our proven reputation and record of quality support won't leave you stranded.


2 slot Drop-in Charger

Charging stand, compatible with following products.

* EJ-5T, EJ-5R, EJ-501TM and EJ-501TG
* EJ-6T, and EJ-601TM
* EJ-5TI, and EJ-501TI
Specification :

  • Specification
Power requirement AC switching adaptor
100 ~ 240 V r 5 VDC, 1 A
Charging current
120 mA
Charging time-by using Ni-MH. 1,600 mAh
6~8 hours
Dimensions (D×W×H) mm
255 g

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